"Sticky Sweet"

(Russian Candy Cane from "The Nutcracker")

From the beloved ballet, “The Nutcracker”,

the Russian candy cane from Land of the Sweets

is out of his element.


(Lord Voldemort)

You-Know-Who, the epitome of evil from the Harry Potter stories,

tinkers with the magic he cannot comprehend: Love. 

"Steifen Holz"

Rock-N-Roll with a German twist.

Desire for the Intangible, Inanimate, & Inflexible.

"On The Rise"

Determination is the theme on this classic-style strip.

"My Sin"


 The stage star doesn’t want to perform tonight.


 A 1960’s-era U.S. Air Force Officer, in a cha-cha dance for one.

Watch as he asserts his desires and recounts his lovers from around the world

in this dog & pony show.

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"The Fishmonger"

A rare occupation and a consummate mission.

A hard-working fish tale told through pantomime.

Copyright © J.D. Hickcock

​​​​​​J.D. Hickcock



"Cattle Grind"

​This multi-award winning act is a playful display with two dueling images of the American Cow-boy.  Bouncing between wholesome silliness and overt sexuality,

the action mixes Appalachian clog dancing with striptease.

"The Last Straw"

​What might happen if a scarecrow came down from his stand?

The Blues!