​​​Examples of past workshops :

Harnessing Creativity: Act Development

​Deeper & Deeper: Building Character

Manipulating Space: Dynamic Staging

Lay It On The Line: Storytelling with Costume

Dressed to Thrill: Costume Design

Get it On!: Speak to a Tailor

Dirty Laundry: Costume Maintenance

​​​J.D. Hickcock's performances in burlesque have garnished him accolades for the content and visual presentation of his work. 

In addition,​ Mr. Hickcock maintains a twenty-year career in costume design, construction, and maintenance for professional opera, theatre, and dance.

"The man’s costumes are always pristine, his choreography is always crisp, and his energy reaches the back of the

house every time." ​ - Pincurl Magazine​

With his class offerings, he shares his ideas, practices, tips, and tricks to help inform his student’s use of two important aspects of burlesque- Creativity and Clothing. 

Please use the contact form on this site for inqueries and booking. Class duration and content can be formatted to your needs.


​​​​​​J.D. Hickcock


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